Your Turn to Talk: Snacks on the Go

Hi Everyone!  Today I want to talk about great ideas for snacks on the go, but I want to hear your ideas.  My friend and co-worker approached me the other day wanting some ideas for healthy, satisfying, and easy snacks for her kids for those occasions when they have to grab a bite and run.  We have all been there!  So let’s hear what works for your family.  Here is Sarah’s idea:

Easy Breakfast Burrito

I make scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, garlic powder or salt, season all, and whatever else I’m in the mood for: creole, chili powder, etc. Keep in mind that you want them a little overseasoned because they are going inside this somewhat bland wrap. Then I take one of those spinach flavored tortilla shells and put a thick strip of cream cheese down the middle and the eggs on top. That’s it, very easy and fast. It’s pretty healthy and quick for mom’s on the go or whoever. Now, you can change this by using a different flavored tortilla shell (jalapeno cheese, sun-dried tomato, garlic herb, etc.) and also adding or swapping ingredients (bacon, sausage, veggies, etc.)


3 responses

  1. If you love chips, I have a healthy way to make them, without frying or making a mess. Pampered Chef just came out with their microwave chip makers. It is simple and you can use potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples or yuca. Slice them thin, flavor however you like, stack the racks and microwave from about 4-10 minutes (depending on vegie/fruit). They are crisp and my three kids can’t get enough of them.

  2. Hi Lani, are those microwave things like food dehydrators? That’s a great idea! I need more prep-ahead type snacks since my kids are now snacky more often. In the mornings, after their full breakfast, my little one (5) sometimes wants something to snack on for the ride to school. (Insert small baggie of Cheerios) .

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